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5,000 years old architecture found under the sea of Ryukyu Islands!

researcher : Professor Masaaki Kimura (author),
Department of Physics and Earth Sciences University of the Ryukyus Ryukyu Islands, Japan

his email :

THE MYSTERIOUS LOST HUMAN CIVILIZATION UNDER THE SEA of RYUKYU ISLANDS (pyramid architecture found under the sea!!!)
the lost human civilization before 5,000 years ago found under the sea of Ryukyu Islands in Japan..
the place of Jomon people who Japanese historian said derived from Melayu.. also found ancient keris near Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands in Japan!

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"OKINAWA: An ancient blade of a keris found recently at the royal Enkakuji Temple grounds near the 15th century Shurijo Castle might unravel the ties the Malay world had with these southwestern islands of Japan."

KERIS found in Okinawa.. near that Ryukyu Islands in Japan.. the place where Jomon people (ancient japanese emperor) originated in Japan

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Pastinya ini bukan di Malaysia

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DNA RESEARCH said China Chinese originated from MELAYU shocking.gif
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"Thus, it is relevant that in a study published just this week in the influential journal Science, the Han Chinese (and other East Asians) have been shown to have originally come from Southeast Asia. Instead of being natives of China, the Han Chinese were in fact immigrants who descended from mainland and island Southeast Asia, the latter historically known as the Malay Archipelago."

This recent study is massive and involved a 40-institution, multi-national (though largely Asian) research team that sampled DNA from over 70 populations throughout Asia. The paper used genetic markers called single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) which are differences in the chemical ‘lettering’ of DNA, in order to infer patterns of ancestry. And whilst the techniques used were esoteric, this collective pan-Asian effort had an aim close to everyone’s hearts: to recover the lost memory of where we came from.

its full research (in .pdf format) :
brief explanation of the research :

research done by

1) Chinese National Human Genome Center, Shanghai, CHINA
2) Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi,
3) University of Tokyo, JAPAN
4) Center for Genome Science, Korea National Institute of Health, Seoul, KOREA
5) Universiti Sains Malaysia, Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, MALAYSIA
6) Genome Institute of SINGAPORE
7) Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taipei, TAIWAN
8) Affymetrix, Inc. USA

nampaknya kajian ini menyokong kajian oleh Utah States University di USA yang kata The Promised Land adalah Tanah Melayu!

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dan kajian terbaru yang kata besi mula dijumpai di dunia ini di tanah melayu! shocking.gif

(CNN) -- Researchers with a Malaysian university said they have uncovered evidence of an iron industry that dates to the 3rd Century, A.D., and proves that ancient civilizations in Southeast Asia were more advanced than once thought.

The archaeologists from the Universiti Sains Malaysia found the remains of an iron smelting site, tools to pump oxygen into the iron smelting process, rooftops of buildings, beads and pots, said Mokhtar Saidan, a professor and leader of the team.

The discovery was made after a month of excavation at Lembah Bujang, a historical site in Malaysia.

"This is the first discovery of the earliest iron industry in Lembah Bujang and has been dated conclusively. This date also adds on to the facts and data on the early history of Southeast Asia," he said.

He said coal from the site was sent to a laboratory in Florida that said elements in the coal dated to the 3rd Century.

The professor said the discovery confirms that human civilization in the area was more advanced than thought and the site probably was a place for exporting iron in the 3rd Century.

source :

DNA research tahun 2009 ni memang jawab kenapa dulu di Taiwan dikaitkan dengan bangsa melayu. shocking.gif

post lepas yang berkaitan..

USA UNIVERSITY :Tanah Melayu "real promising land", bangsa Melayu adalah "The Lost Tribe"?? (News)

IMAM BESAR:WAWASAN 2020 sebenarnya projek DAJJAL, kajian: video dan penjelasan n biografi (News)

Penubuhan MALAYSIA : perancangan USA sejak 1889?, kertas kerja HARVARD UNIVERSITY, gambar

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In terms of the three North East Asians: Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese

The HUGO study says, taking the difference between Asians and Africans out of 100 points, as a standard:

Chinese and Koreans are different by 5.03.

Koreans and Japanese are different by 4.23.

Chinese and Japanese are different by 6.99.

Koreans and Europeans are different by 58.2.

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